I am Andrea Toole, an ADHD thriver, mentor, and health coach.

My mission is to empower people with Attention Deficit Disorder to transform their lives.

My signature framework, PRIMED™, can help you uplevel your life.  It’s a six-pillar mind-body balancing system that’s based on proven lifestyle and methods to manage ADHD. By scanning the six areas, you can identify what’s off, make some changes, and get back on track. This process has helped many people relieve depression and anxiety too.

You are not your label; you are so much more. Labels are good for reference and guidance but can be limiting. Let’s get you free.

Let me guide you towards unleashing your true potential and fulfillment. The power is in YOUR hands and mind.

Simple lifestyle adjustments can have a lasting impact on relief from symptoms. The approach aims to empower individuals, whether diagnosed with ADHD or not, to improve their lives. The goal is to provide tools for self-empowerment, reclaiming life, feeling understood, and breaking free from mental traps. The focus is on success and recognizing the positive aspects of ADHD.


Simple Relief

My method focuses on **easy, achievable** lifestyle changes that will have a lasting effect. Through mentorship, I offer assistance in ways that your doctor or a certified ADHD coach may not, although it does not replace medical advice.


It won’t be a walk in the park, but you are capable of making it happen. I believe in you.


You don’t necessarily need a formal ADHD diagnosis or even have ADHD to gain from the PRIMED system. These tools can enhance the lives of “neurotypical” individuals as well.


How Do You Want to Feel?

My goal is to assist you in managing your symptoms using self-empowerment tools. I aim to support you in regaining control of your life, finding relief, breaking free from the constraints of your mind, and feeling secure and acknowledged. I strive for your success and for you to acknowledge the positive aspects of ADHD. It’s common to fall into the victim mindset associated with the label and symptoms of ADHD, but I believe in you. Rest assured, I am here to support you every step of the way.

I’m Andrea, a certified Transformational Nutrition Coach with a deep understanding of the science, psychology, and spirituality of nutrition, along with effective coaching techniques. To stay informed, I regularly dive into research studies, books, and various educational resources. I also tune into expert podcasts and interviews, watch informative videos, and participate in training sessions.

Having been diagnosed with ADHD in my early 20s, I managed it through lifestyle adjustments.

After thorough deliberation, I opted against pursuing certification as an “ADHD Coach” and instead developed a framework to help others achieve comparable outcomes.