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How does your ADHD affect you?

Maybe you feel like a failure. An imposter. Disorganized. Chaos. Extreme emotional sensitivity and emotional pain.

You’ve started using planners but they didn’t work because you abandoned them. Systems started and stopped.

Or, you found those tools that really work and you need some extra support.

How do you want to feel?

My mission is to help you alleviate your symptoms through self-empowerment.

I want to help you reclaim your life, be free from the trap of your mind, and feel safe and understood.

I want you to succeed and to recognize the gift that ADHD can be.

How would it feel to

  • clear the mental fog?
  • have a system for everything?
  • follow through?
  • focus?
  • feel accomplished?
  • feel like a winner?

What would your life look like? What could you accomplish?

Repeat after me

“I am not my ADHD”.

You are not.

ADHD is not an absolute barrier to success. It’s a challenge that can be overcome.

It’s a reason, not an excuse and I can help it be an excuse less often.

What is PRIMED?

PRIMED is a six-pillar mind-body balancing system based on lifestyle and methods proven to work to manage ADHD.

It’s not a cure. There is no “cure”. Besides, you’re not broken.

PRIMED is a lifestyle. All it asks of you are simple, manageable habit and mindset adjustments that will make a lasting impact. 



PRIMED is for you if

  • You’re serious about taking control of your life instead of your ADHD taking control of you.
  • You feel like your ADHD holds you back.
  • You want tools that will work with your ADHD medication (this system works beautifully with meds) or you’d like management techniques that will work in lieu of meds.
    (Note: If you’re on medication and want to stop taking them, talk to your doctor about doing so safely.)
  • You’re done using ADHD as an excuse.
  • You’re willing to do the work right now.
    → I offer easy, actionable advice that suits your life, but a plan only works if you use it. I will hold you accountable, which is one of the reasons you should hire me.