business transformation

I wrote  this in my journal on March 30, 2022:

I’m inspired to put a big ‘coming soon’ on my website.

Burn it down. Create new.

It seems a little extreme. I could burn it down and shock anyone who visits this website or I can take a more subtle approach.

And so, today, April 18, I’ve set the blog as the home page and left ADHD info and podcast pages.

I haven’t coached in awhile. I’ve had day jobs with freelance gigs and considered how best to serve others.

Most of the people who have recently approached me for coaching live in time zones very different from my own, and I prefer not to have late night and early morning sessions.

I’ve had competing thoughts about ADHD and diagnoses in general; About society’s definition of what’s considered “normal” and what’s considered “broken”; about being our best selves without worrying about labels unless those labels will make us better.

I’ve thought about my system – PRIMED – not only as an ADHD system, but as a system for anyone looking to level up. The “works for anyone” messaging was always secondary, but what if it was given its own spotlight?

This is exciting, opens possibilities and goes against all advice to “niche down”.

As I consider the future, this is the website. I’m in no rush to decide what’s next. The only thing I’m certain of is that I want to help.

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Thank you.