Q. Is ADHD an excuse or an actual disorder? Cause I think I may have it.

It’s a legitimate issue that some people use as an excuse but don’t have to.

ADHD is a neurological condition. People with ADHD have brains that look different than those of neurotypical brains (without ADHD). An ADHD brain is wired differently.

People with ADHD often do use it as an excuse. There’s a difference between an “excuse” and a “reason”. The difference is in intention. Lots of people will use their ADHD as a reason to not try, out of fear of failure (for example). However, ADHD can be managed. It’s important to tackle both the neurological/physiological component and the psychological component. The psychological is what will result in excuses, negative self-talk and limiting beliefs.

Own up to your shit. Don’t make it worse for yourself.

Although “disorder” is a clinical term, it’s also a limiting term. When people say “disorder” or “disability”, the suffix “dis” indicates disadvantage. Consider the positives: Creativity. periods of hyperfocus when you’re so in the zone that you don’t hear anyone else. (Those are the best.) Motivation to overcome the challenges. If you have multiple interests, you likely have transferrable skills from one area to another.

People with ADHD think differently than neurotypical people.

ADHD is a neurological condition that many people use as an excuse, holding themselves back. You are often your own enemy. Stop self-sabotaging.

You’ve got this.

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