Thank you to everyone who participated in the September edition of the Primed Digital Detox. I hope you finished it feeling refreshed and inspired.

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What people have said after participating

I slept better

💤“I slept better after the first couple of nights – after the initial anxiety of NOT checking my phone before bed.” -Janice B.

I started a new project

“…helped me see where I was spending time online. I started a new project this week that I hope I see through – unless I get sucked back into the online void.” – Robert P.

Thank you!

“I’m so glad that my friend told me about this. At first, I was worried that I would fail, that my habits would be too strong. But with your support, I made it. It wasn’t easy but I was proud of myself at the end.” – Tina M.

Exactly what I needed

“This digtal detox was exactly what I needed, only I didn’t realize how much I needed it.” – Bethany S.

Got stuff done

“You know those things you say you’re going to do but never do them because distractions happen and you’re not motivated? For once, my clean apartment wasn’t because of procrasti-cleaning. I went for walks WITHOUT MY PHONE and the sky didn’t fall. And, I actually meditated when I woke up (twice).” -Emma M.

Who is this digital detox for?

  • You don’t know what to do with your hands if there’s no device in them.
  • You’ve had it with the mindless scrolling
  • You feel you lack the willpower to take a break
  • You think that social media controls you
  • You mindlessly pick up your phone or open a tab to scroll with no purpose
  • You get sucked into unproductive internet rabbit holes
  • You doomscroll
  • Like a child, you stall bedtime – only, it’s not “one more story”, it’s “I’ll read one more thing.”

There are so many things you can be doing instead of mindlessly surfing the internet, doomscrolling or refreshing your news feed! Imagine how productive you could be!

thought bubble

Would you like to

  • Know yourself better?
  • Feel mentally healthier?
  • Have a more clear mind?
  • Have time to do more?
  • Be more focused?

These are just some of the benefits of a digital detox.



What’s included in this 7-day digital detox?

  • Emails throughout the week with journal prompts and exercises
  • Worksheets and tip sheets
  • The time to get that project done and to spend quality (distanced) time with your loved ones.

We’re not going off-grid for the week, we’re being strategic about how you use your computer and mobile device.
(Though I highly recommend going off-grid occasionally and completely offline once a week.)



Q. Is this a group program with group activity?

A. It’s not currently interactive in a group setting, though several people will experience it along with you. In the future, I might add online groups and interaction. In the meantime, all your interaction will be with me! I’ll coach you through it.

Q. I need social media for work. Can I still use it?

A. Yes. We will be strategic in our use this week. This 7-day program is only a complete ban if you want it to be.

Depending on how, when, why and how often you’re online in a typical week, it could be a drastic reduction in your time online. Imagine how productive you’ll be!

Q. Do I need to go offline completely?

A. See the previous answer. This isn’t an all-or-nothing situation unless you want it to be.

Q. I’m scared. Can I handle this?

A. Absolutely! There’s a difference between a planned break and a “Holy sh*t, the power just went out while I was in the middle of something and when will I get the internet back??” scenario. You’ll be prepared, mentally and with resources. As always, I’ve got you.

Have a question that’s not here? Contact me and I’ll get back to you and perhaps add the question to this page.