I’m Andrea Toole.

I know that ADHD goes beyond forgetting things, misplacing keys, and having trouble completing tasks. The jokes about ADHD get it wrong and perpetuate stereotypes.

The meme of Dug the dog from the movie Up crying, “Squirrel!” is funny and true, but to reduce ADHD to that kind of distractability is simplistic. ADHD is a neurological condition that relates to brain health. It’s a real issue that affects every part of your life.


When ADHD flares up you might feel like a failure, an imposter or a fuck-up. It doesn’t have to be that way.

You mess up at work because of issues with what’s called “executive functioning”. Your job is on the line. You get reprimanded and you panic. This causes your brain to malfunction. Your boss asks you rapid-fire questions, you panic. Same thing. Your co-workers stand near you chatting about last night’s episode of the reality TV show you watch and you want to tell them to shut the f up so that you can do some work in quiet. It’s not just an ADHD experience, but it’s amplified through ADHD.

You get fired from job after job because you missed something important, or you’ve been trying to build a business for years. Both are a challenge because you can’t get past your imposter syndrome and OMG, you can’t get out of your own way. 



You are not your ADHD!

ADHD is not an impenetrable barrier to success. It’s a challenge that can be overcome. It’s a reason, not an excuse. Plenty of successful people have had ADHD. People such as Richard Branson (worth 4.1 billion USD), Henry Winkler (actor), Pete Rose (baseball champion), Simone Biles (Olympic gymnast), Jim Carrey, Woodey Harrelson (actor), Emma Watson (actress), Dave Grohl (musician), Michael Phelps (Olympic swimmer), to name a few.

How would it feel to

  • …clear the mental fog?
  • .. have a system for everything?
  • …follow through?
  • … focus?
  • …feel accomplished?
  • …feel like a winner?

What would your life look like? What could you accomplish?

Feel free to write down those answers. Notice how you feel right now thinking about it.

Female CEO


An approach uses simple, manageable lifestyle adjustments that will make a lasting impact. That’s it, but the program only works if you work the program. It’s simple if you take action.

I create a plan – then adjust as needed, together

When I coach, I co-create the best plan for my client, and then we modify as needed. When you’re cooking, you use flavors that you enjoy, taste and adjust seasonings as you go. What’s how I approach your wellness plan.

After you book a Discovery Call and we agree to work together, you’ll receive a questionnaire that tells me about your current lifestyle, helps me determine your needs and reveals your likes and dislikes. I will then create a customized plan that I will discuss with you during our Strategy Session over Zoom. It is a collaborative process. The document will be shared with you via Google Drive so that during that meeting we can add or remove recommendations.

Then, we will have weekly check-ins for the first month, during which we can adjust the plan, followed by more sporadic meetings.

I’ve got you.


  • You’re serious about taking control of your life instead of your ADHD taking control of you.
  • You feel like your ADHD holds you back.
  • You want tools that will either work with your ADHD medication or instead of them. (Note: If you’re on meds and want to stop taking them, talk to your doctor about tapering off.)
  • You’re done using ADHD as an excuse.
  • You’re willing to do the work, right now. I offer easy, actionable advice that suits your life but a plan only works if you use it. 


I understand the anxieties above because I’ve experienced them too.

I know what it’s like to feel like I have my shit together.

Psst…Want to know a secret? No one really has their shit together.

I know the panic from reprimanding, the firings, the feelings of failure, being stuck in my own mind or worrying that I’ll never succeed.

Yet here I am, offering coaching services to you after years of research, planning and testing. It worked for me and it has worked for others. My motives are selfless and selfish. I’ve always felt that my role in life is that of “helper”. One of my Love Languages is “acts of service”.

Creating a system based on the tools I’ve used was a no-brainer. Thinking up an acronym that summarizes these tools – because everyone likes an acronym – was the hardest part and yet, PRIMED is a natural fit. It’s one of the reasons I know that this program/concept is meant to work.

I want to teach you the tools that helped me.

My Journey

Diagnosed with ADHD when I was in my early 20s, a recommended book about nutrition changed my life. Within 2 months I of implementing some nutritional changes – what I call “intake” – I experienced significant improvement.

One day I was interviewing for a retail job and noticed that I was making eye contact interviewer. Holding eye contact had previously been a challenge.

Certification in the natural wellness space is something that I resisted for years for many reasons, even though Natural Health is what I call “the family business”.

I was raised in a family of healers. My grandfather was a physician. One of his daughters is a psychiatrist who trained at some of the best medical schools in the world and who has sat on faculties and boards. Another daughter is a  psychotherapist trained in several modalities. My brother is a well-loved veterinarian (according to Yelp & the word in Facebook community groups) and my sister is involved in the natural health industry.


After years of being a wellness nerd – researcher and writer –  I studied and got designated as a health coach. I did it for the credential. CTNC stands for “Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach” and I felt that people would perceive me as more credible if I had letters beside my name. At the time, I didn’t think I wanted to coach but I was blogging a lot about wellness and bloggers like to think they’re experts. Meanwhile, you can’t believe everything you read on the internet.

To be honest, as a lifelong learner with a passion for health who had previously studied business and marketing, I already knew a lot of the information taught in the course. I cruised through multiple-choice tests with the knowledge that I’d built over years, gobbling up the resources and paying closer attention to the coaching skills. (All the food metaphors on this page might be a subconscious throwback to my years as a food blogger.)

I eventually realized that it’s not the letters that matter, it’s the content. It’s the everyday experience. It’s the research. It’s building credibility. And yes, more letters might be persued.

Doctors aren’t always right, and neither is the celebrity that calls themselves an “expert”. As I said, you can’t believe everything you read on the internet.

Furthermore, we are all our own experts. We know our bodies best, but we need help and guidance. We need information to help us intuitively decide. Sometimes all we need is validation that our intuition is correct, and someone to be accountable to.

I learn from my clients as they learn from me.

I’ve managed my ADHD symptoms and I can help you manage yours.


It only takes one step at a time.

Is ADHD coaching right for you? The program is currently going through beta testing (soft launch). Please fill out the following form and I will let you know when I start taking clients. At that point, I’ll send you a link to a short questionnaire and book you in for a Discovery Call. The form below is for the waitlist only. You will not receive anything else.

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